Zoo Asks Guests to Stop Showing Gorillas Phones

Gorillas at Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is home to a troop of majestic western lowland gorillas. 

Zoo Guests Love Gorillas

Visitors flock to the gorilla habitat, eager to see the great apes up close.

Guests Take Gorilla Phone Pics 

But many guests end up showing their phones and taking selfies in front of the enclosure glass.

Gorillas Don't Like the Phones  

The zoo realizes the gorillas are becoming irritated and agitated by all the phone cameras.

Zoo Asks Guests to Stop   

To protect the gorillas' welfare, they kindly request people stop holding up phones.

Explaining Why It Upsets Them

They explain the unnatural screens are overstimulating and stressful to gorillas.

Have Respect for Gorillas

For the animals' wellbeing, guests are urged to be more respectful when viewing them.

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