Your Dog Could Benefit from Obedience Training 

Constant Barking

Frequent barking at every sound or sight can indicate lack of training. Obedience helps curb nuisance barking

Aggression Towards Other Dogs

Aggressive lunging or snarling at passings dogs is alarming. Training can help improve socialization skills. 

Pulling on Leash

Dogs who constantly pull during walks are difficult to control. Loose leash training teaches them not to strain against the leash.

Destructive Chewing

Dogs who destroy furniture, shoes, etc when left alone likely need more stimulation. Obedience provides an outlet.

Jumping on People

Dogs often jump out of excitement. Training removes rewards for jumping and replaces with preferred behaviors.

Ignoring Commands

Disobedient dogs who ignore basic commands need reinforcement. Refresher obedience sessions can help.

Anxiety and Reactivity

Excessive reactivity or anxiety may benefit from professional intervention like training.

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