Woman Runs Hummingbird Rehab From Home

Woman Fascinated by Hummingbirds

Living in Mexico City, a woman became enchanted by the area's diverse hummingbird species.

Seeing Injured Hummingbirds 

She started noticing injured hummingbirds around the city needing rehabilitation. 

Turning Home Into Hummingbird Rehab

Motivated to help, she transformed her small apartment into a hummingbird rehab facility.  

Caring for Rescued Hummingbirds

In her home, she nurtures rescued hummingbirds back to full health before release

Apartment Filled with Enclosures

The apartment features customized enclosures allowing the hummingbirds to fly freely during recovery.

Providing Natural Nectar Diet

The woman hand-feeds each bird a specialized diet of natural, home-made nectar.

Releasing Rehabbed Hummingbirds

Once nursed back to health, the hummingbirds are released from her apartment's rooftop

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