Why Is My Puppy Crying and Whining?

Puppy Crying and Whining

Puppies cry and whine for many reasons, such as hunger, pain, fear, or loneliness. 


If your puppy is crying and whining, it's possible that they're hungry. Puppies need to eat small meals throughout the day, so make sure to feed them on a regular schedule.


If your puppy is crying and whining, it's also possible that they're in pain. This could be due to an injury, illness, or even teething. 


Puppies are naturally fearful of new things, so it's not uncommon for them to cry and whine when they're in a new environment.


Puppies are social animals and they don't like to be alone. If your puppy is crying and whining when you're not around, it's possible that they're lonely.

How to Help

Address the underlying cause of the crying.

Tips for Preventing

Socialize your puppy early and often.

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