Why Dogs Tuck Their Ears Back


Tucking ears back can convey submission, indicating your dog's deference to authority or a more dominant canine.

Fear and Anxiety

Dogs may tuck their ears when feeling scared or anxious. It's a sign they're trying to make themselves appear smaller.


In social interactions, tucking ears is a gesture of appeasement. It signals to others that your dog means no harm.

Avoiding Conflict

Ears back can indicate your dog's desire to avoid confrontation. It's a way of defusing potential conflicts.


Dogs may tuck their ears when uncertain or unsure about a situation. It's a way of showing hesitation.


Sometimes, tucking ears can indicate relaxation. It's not always a sign of tension; your dog might be at ease.

Trust and Bonding

Tucking ears can express trust in you. Your dog feels secure enough to let down their guard.

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