Why Do Dogs Yawn?


Dogs yawn for a variety of reasons, including to communicate, relieve stress, and regulate their temperature. Learn more about this common dog behavior.

Stress relief

Yawning can help dogs to relieve stress and anxiety. It is a common behavior for dogs who are feeling overwhelmed or threatened.


Dogs use yawning to communicate with each other. A yawn can be a sign of submission, appeasement, or excitement.


Boredom: Yawning can be a sign that a dog is bored or tired.Hunger: Yawning can also be a sign that a dog is hungry.

Medical problems

Yawning can also be a symptom of certain medical problems, such as pain or neurological disorders. If you are concerned about your dog's yawning, be sure to talk to your veterinarian.


Yes, dog yawning is contagious. This is true for both dogs and humans. Scientists believe that contagious yawning is a way for animals to show empathy and understanding.


Yawning is a normal and common behavior for dogs. It can be used for communication, stress relief, temperature regulation, and other reasons. 

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