When Your Puppy Goes Reactive 


It's common for puppies to be friendly and outgoing. But sometimes, a puppy can suddenly become reactive to other dogs, people, or objects. 

What is Puppy Reactivity?

Puppy reactivity is when a puppy reacts to something in their environment with fear, anxiety, or aggression.


There are a number of factors that can contribute to puppy reactivity, including: Lack of socialization, Past negative experiences,Fear or anxiety, etc.


The signs of puppy reactivity can vary from dog to dog. Some common signs include: Excessive barking or growling, Lunging or, pulling on the leash, etc.


Socialization is the process of exposing your puppy to a variety of people, places, and things in a positive and controlled way. 


Desensitization and counterconditioning is a process of gradually exposing your puppy to the trigger in a controlled environment and rewarding them for staying calm.

Muzzle Training

A muzzle can help to protect your puppy and others if they do become aggressive. 

Leash Reactivity in Dogs