What Your Cat Is Saying With Its Eyes

What Your Cat Is Saying

Cats communicate with their eyes in a variety of ways. By paying attention to your cat's pupil size, eye contact, and blinking patterns,

Dilated Pupils

Dilated pupils can be a sign of excitement, fear, or aggression. If your cat's pupils are dilated when they see a bird or a toy, they are likely feeling excited.

Squinted Eyes

Squinted eyes can be a sign of aggression or discomfort. If your cat is squinting at another animal or person, they may be feeling threatened or defensive. 

Slow Blink

A slow blink is a sign of trust and affection. If your cat slow blinks at you, they are telling you that they feel safe and love you. 

Eye Contact

Eye contact can be a sign of dominance, aggression, or affection. If your cat stares at you without blinking, they may be trying to assert their dominance.

Third Eyelid

The third eyelid, also known as the nictitating membrane, is a thin film of tissue that covers the eye.


In addition to their eyes, cats communicate with their body language. When trying to understand your cat's emotions, it is important to consider their body language as a whole.

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