What to Feed Dogs After They've Vomited 


It's common for dogs to vomit from time to time. But if your dog is vomiting frequently or if their vomit is bloody or has other concerning symptoms

What Not to Feed

The best foods to feed your dog after they've vomited are bland and easy to digest. Some good options include boiled chicken and rice, mashed potatoes, or yogurt.

Start with Small Meals

When you start feeding your dog again, start with small meals and gradually increase the amount of food you give them over time. This will help their stomach adjust.

Offer Water Frequently

It's important to keep your dog hydrated, especially after they've vomited. Offer them water frequently, but don't force them to drink if they don't want to.

Monitor Your Dog's Progress

Monitor your dog's progress and see how they react to the food you're giving them. 

See a Veterinarian

If your dog's vomiting does not improve after a few days or if they have other concerning symptoms, it's important to see a veterinarian.

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