What to Do If Your Dog Bites?

Immediate Safety

Ensure safety by separating the dog and victim. Attend to the victim's injuries and provide first aid if necessary.

Identify Witnesses

Gather contact information from witnesses. Their accounts can help clarify the situation if legal action is taken.

Report the Incident

Depending on severity, report the incident to local animal control or authorities. Cooperate fully with their investigation.

Provide Information

Share your dog's medical records, vaccinations, and training history with authorities. This could influence the outcome.

Seek Professional Help

Consult a veterinarian or dog behaviorist to address the underlying causes of aggression. Training can prevent future incidents.

Legal Implications

Understand local laws regarding dog bites. You might be held liable if negligence is proven. Consult a legal professional.

Preventive Measures

Take preventive steps like socialization, proper training, and supervision to reduce the risk of future biting incidents.

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