Urine Crystals in Dogs

Urine Crystals in Dogs

Urine crystals are minerals that can form in a dog's urine. When urine crystals become too large, they can clump together to form bladder stones. 


Diet: Certain foods can increase the risk of urine crystal formation. 


Some breeds of dogs are more prone to certain types of urine crystals. For example, Dalmatians are more prone to urate crystals.


Certain medications can also increase the risk of urine crystal formation.


The most common symptom of urine crystals in dogs is straining to urinate. Other symptoms may include: Blood in the urine, Frequent urination, etc.

Dietary changes

 Your veterinarian may recommend feeding your dog a special diet that is designed to dissolve or prevent the formation of urine crystals.


In some cases, surgery may be necessary to remove bladder stones.

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