Understanding Dog Anal Glands

Canine Anal Glands

The vital role of anal glands in dogs. Veterinarians share insights on these glands, their function, and potential issues.

Gland Function

Understand the purpose of anal glands. Learn how these glands help with scent marking and communication in the canine world.

Symptoms to Watch

Spot signs of anal gland issues. Symptoms like scooting, licking, or discomfort, indicating possible gland problems.

Expressing Glands

Veterinarians step in. Ssafely express anal glands with professional guidance, ensuring your dog's comfort.

Common Issues

Dive into common anal gland problems. Veterinarians explain infections, impactions, and how to address these issues.

Treatment Options

Seek veterinary care. Explore treatment choices, including manual expression, medications, and surgical options.

Preventive Measures

Prevention matters. Veterinarians offer tips on maintaining anal gland health through proper diet and hygiene.

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