Tremors in Cats

Tremors in Cats

Cats can shake for a variety of reasons, some of which are serious and require veterinary attention.

Common Cause

Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)

When Should I See a Vet?

If your cat is shaking and you're not sure why, it's always best to see a vet to rule out any serious medical conditions.

How to Help 

Make sure they have access to fresh water

Low Blood Sugar

Low blood sugar is a common cause of tremors in cats. It can happen if your cat hasn't eaten for a while, or if they have diabetes.

Fear and Anxiety

Cats can shake if they're feeling scared or anxious. This can happen in new or unfamiliar situations, or if they're around loud noises or other stressors.


Cats can shake if they're in pain. This can be caused by an injury, illness, or surgery.

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