Train Your Search and Rescue Dog 


Not all dogs are cut out for search and rescue work. Choose a dog with the right temperament, energy level, and health.


Socialize your dog from a young age so that they are comfortable working around other people and animals.


Teach your dog the basic commands, such as sit, stay, come, and down. These commands will be essential for search and rescue work.


Once your dog has mastered the basic commands, you can start introducing them to search and rescue training. This may involve teaching them to track scents, find missing people, and navigate difficult terrain.


This page attachment contains additional tips for training a search and rescue dog, such as how to find a qualified instructor, how to deal with common problems, and how to certify your dog as a search and rescue dog.


Training a search and rescue dog takes time and dedication, but it is a rewarding experience. With the right training, your dog can become a valuable asset to a search and rescue team and help save lives.

 Train Your Dog Smarter