Top Pet Poison Prevention Tips for Safety

Know Toxic Substances

Familiarize yourself with common household items that are toxic to pets. Be aware of potential dangers.

Secure Medications

Store all medications securely and out of your pet's reach. Accidental ingestion can be harmful or fatal.

Chemical Awareness

Use chemicals like cleaning products and pesticides with caution. Keep pets away from freshly treated areas.

Emergency Numbers

Keep emergency contact numbers for your veterinarian and a pet poison control center handy in case of emergencies.

Pet-Proof Your Plants

Remove toxic plants from your home or garden, and keep them out of your pet's reach to prevent ingestion.

Keep Food Out of Reach

Avoid feeding your pet human food that can be toxic to them, such as chocolate, grapes, and onions.

Pet-Safe Cleaning

Use pet-safe cleaning products to clean your home. Some cleaners can be toxic if ingested or inhaled.

Top Pet Safety Tips for a Secure Home