Top 7 Winter Pet Care Tips for Senior Dogs

Insulate Their Bed

Provide a cozy, insulated bed to shield your senior dog from cold floors. A warm bed ensures a comfortable night's sleep.

Adjust Their Diet

Modify your older dog's diet to accommodate lower activity levels in winter. Consult your vet for the right nutritional plan.

Layer Up

Dress your senior dog in layers for outdoor walks. Use a doggy sweater or coat to protect them from the cold.

Limit Outdoor Time

Minimize outdoor exposure during extreme cold. Shorten walks and opt for indoor play to prevent frostbite or hypothermia.

Groom Regularly

Maintain your senior dog's coat by regular grooming. This promotes blood circulation and keeps them warmer.

Foot Care

Protect your dog's paws from ice and salt. Consider dog booties to prevent frostbitten or irritated paw pads.

Veterinary Check-Up

Schedule a winter check-up with your vet. Discuss any concerns about your older dog's health or special winter needs.

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