Top 7 Tips to Keep Your Dog or Cat Happy Indoors

Keep Your Pet Active

Dogs and cats need plenty of exercise, even if they're living indoors. Play fetch, tug-of-war, or go for walks around your home or yard.

Provide Mental Stimulation

Dogs and cats need mental stimulation just as much as they need physical exercise. Puzzle toys, treat dispensing toys, and interactive games can help keep your pet's mind active.

Comfortable Environment

Make sure your pet has a comfortable place to sleep, eat, and play. Provide them with plenty of soft bedding and toys, and make sure their food and water bowls are always full.

Pet Attention

Pets need attention and interaction from their owners. Spend time playing with your pet, petting them, and talking to them. This will help them feel loved and secure.

Pet on Adventures

Even if you can't take your pet for long walks outside, you can still take them on adventures. Go for car rides, visit the park, or take them to the dog park.

Introduce New Things

Exposing your pet to new things will help keep them mentally stimulated and engaged. Bring them to new places, introduce them to new people and animals.

Pet's Routine Consistent

Pets thrive on routine. Try to stick to a regular schedule for feeding, playing, and going to the bathroom. This will help them feel calm and secure.

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