Top 7 Tips to Avoid Overfeeding Pets

Portion Control

Serve your pets the right portion sizes to prevent overeating. Follow feeding guidelines from your vet or pet food labels.

Table Scraps Dangers

Avoid giving pets table scraps, as many holiday foods can be harmful. Stick to their regular diet for their safety.

Treat Wisely

Limit pet treats and opt for healthier options like pet-friendly snacks or small pieces of fruits and vegetables.

Establish Feeding Schedule

A consistent feeding schedule for your pets. Routine helps regulate their eating habits and avoids overindulgence.

Identify Food Hazards

Be aware of common holiday food hazards for pets, such as chocolate and bones, and keep them out of reach.

Maintain Exercise

Keep up with your pet's exercise routine during the holidays to help them burn off calories and stay in good shape.

Monitor Weight

Regularly check your pet's weight. Any significant changes should prompt a visit to the vet for dietary adjustments.

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