Top 7 Tips for Keeping Pets Calm

Create a Safe Space

Designate a quiet, secure area for your pets to retreat to when holiday festivities get overwhelming. Provide their favorite toys and bedding.

Stick to Routine

Maintain your pets' daily routines as closely as possible. Consistency in feeding, walks, and playtime helps reduce stress during busy times.

Mind the Decorations

Keep holiday decorations out of reach of curious pets. Tinsel, ornaments, and lights can pose dangers if ingested or played with.

Manage Guests

Inform guests about your pets' needs and boundaries. Some pets may be shy or anxious around strangers; give them time to adjust.

Quiet Time

Create quiet periods during the festivities. Allow your pets to relax away from noise and commotion to recharge.

Pet-Friendly Treats

Prepare special pet-friendly treats for your furry friends to enjoy during the holidays. Avoid giving them harmful human foods.

Stay Calm Yourself

Your pets pick up on your energy. Stay calm and relaxed to help them feel secure and at ease during the busy season.

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