Top 7 Tips for Keeping Dogs Cool in Summer

Summer Heat Risks

The risks of heat-related illnesses for dogs during summer and how to recognize signs of overheating.

Hydration Is Key

Ensuring your dog stays well-hydrated is crucial. Discover effective ways to encourage and monitor their water intake.

Limit Outdoor Activities

Avoid the peak heat of the day and reduce strenuous outdoor activities to protect your dog from heat exhaustion.

Shade and Cooling

Create shaded areas in your yard and use cooling products like mats and vests to offer relief from the sun's intensity.

Hot Pavement Awareness

Hot pavement can burn your dog's paws. Learn how to test surfaces and protect your pup during walks.

Grooming for Summer

Maintain your dog's coat by brushing and trimming, allowing for better air circulation and cooling.

Emergency Cooling

Be prepared for emergencies. Learn how to cool down an overheated dog and when to seek immediate veterinary help.

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