Top 7 Tips for Helping Your Dog Lose Weight

Assess Your Dog's Health

Consult your vet to determine your dog's ideal weight. Assess their overall health and create a weight loss plan.

Dietary Adjustments

Switch to a balanced, low-calorie dog food. Measure portions and limit treats to manage calorie intake.

Regular Exercise

Incorporate daily walks and playtime. Gradually increase activity levels to help your dog burn calories.

Interactive Toys

Use puzzle toys to engage your dog mentally and physically. It's an enjoyable way to keep them active.

Hydration Matters

Ensure your dog drinks enough water. Proper hydration supports their metabolism and overall health.

Monitor Progress

Regularly weigh your dog and track their progress. Adjust the weight loss plan as needed.

Reward System

Use praise and small, healthy treats as rewards for achieving weight loss milestones.

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