Top 7 Tips for Feeding Your Senior Dog

Senior Dog Nutrition

Senior dogs have unique nutritional needs. Learn how to adjust their diet for their changing requirements.

Consult Your Vet

Start by consulting your veterinarian for personalized dietary recommendations based on your dog's age, weight, and health.

Quality Protein

Provide a high-quality protein source to maintain muscle mass and support overall health in senior dogs.

Balanced Diet

Ensure a well-balanced diet that includes vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients for senior dog vitality.

Portion Control

Adjust portion sizes to manage your senior dog's weight and prevent obesity, which can lead to health issues.

Special Dietary Needs

Some senior dogs may require special diets for specific health conditions. Your vet can advise accordingly.

Regular Feeding Schedule

A consistent feeding schedule to regulate digestion and help with routine medication if necessary.

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