Top 7 Solutions for Cat Overgrooming


Cat overgrooming is when your feline friend excessively licks or bites its fur, often leading to bald patches.

Detecting the Causes

The underlying reasons for overgrooming, which may include stress, allergies, or underlying health issues.

Veterinary Assessment

A thorough examination by a veterinarian is crucial to rule out any medical conditions contributing to overgrooming.

Stress Management

A calming environment for your cat. Use pheromone diffusers and interactive toys to reduce stress.

Allergen Control

Identify and eliminate potential allergens in your cat's environment. Consult with your vet for allergy testing if needed.

Grooming Alternatives

Provide alternative outlets for grooming behavior, such as grooming brushes and mats.

Medications and Treatments

In severe cases, your vet may recommend medications or behavioral therapy to address overgrooming.

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