Top 7 Signs Your Dog Is Mad


Dogs may growl when they're upset or irritated. Understand the reasons behind their growls and how to handle it.

Tail Position

A dog's tail can tell you a lot about their emotions. Learn what different tail positions mean and how to interpret them.

Avoiding Eye Contact

Dogs may avoid eye contact when they're upset. Understand why this happens and how to address it.

Excessive Barking

Excessive barking can be a sign of frustration or anger in dogs. Discover how to manage and reduce this behavior.

Lip Curling

When a dog curls their lips, it could indicate discomfort. Learn how to recognize lip curling and what actions to take.

Body Stiffness

A stiff posture can signal your dog's displeasure. Find out how to identify body stiffness and respond appropriately.

Hiding or Seeking Solitude

Dogs may seek solitude when they're upset. Explore why dogs hide and how to provide comfort.

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