Top 7 Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds for Allergy

Siberian Cats

Learn about Siberian cats, known for their hypoallergenic fur. These fluffy felines are a great choice for those with cat allergies.

Balinese Cats

Meet Balinese cats, elegant and hypoallergenic. These affectionate companions are ideal for allergy-sensitive households.

Siamese Cats

Discover Siamese cats, a popular hypoallergenic breed with striking blue eyes and a loving nature.

Bengal Cats

Explore Bengal cats, known for their unique spotted coats and hypoallergenic qualities.

Cornish Rex Cats

Learn about Cornish Rex cats, hypoallergenic and known for their distinctive curly fur.

Russian Blue Cats

Meet Russian Blue cats, a hypoallergenic breed known for their beautiful blue-gray coats and gentle demeanor.

Oriental Shorthair Cats

Discover Oriental Shorthair cats, a hypoallergenic breed with sleek, elegant appearances and lively personalities.

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