Top 7 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Costumes Care

Some pets love costumes, while others don't. Ensure costumes fit well and don't restrict movement or vision.

Pet Anxiety

Loud noises and unfamiliar costumes can stress pets. Create a quiet space and offer comforting toys.

Treat Wisely

Keep candy out of reach! Chocolate and certain treats are toxic. Opt for pet-friendly treats instead.

Doorbell Drama

Frequent doorbell rings can upset pets. Place them in a secure room to prevent escapes and anxiety.

Glow Safely

Pets may chew on decorations. Choose pet-safe decorations and keep cords and small decorations away from them.

Pumpkin Awareness

While not highly toxic, consuming too much pumpkin can upset pets' stomachs. Keep them away from decorative pumpkins.

Candle Care

Open flames can be dangerous. Opt for flameless candles to prevent burns or fires caused by curious pets.

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