Top 7 Fall Dangers for Dogs

Falling Temperatures

As temperatures drop, keep your dog warm with cozy blankets and consider doggy sweaters for smaller breeds.

Toxic Plants

Beware of toxic fall plants like poinsettias and chrysanthemums, which can harm your dog if ingested.

Leaves and Pesticides

Raking leaves? Ensure your dog doesn't ingest leaves or come into contact with pesticides often used in the fall.

Mushroom Alert

Many mushrooms sprout in autumn, some of which are poisonous. Keep a close eye on your pup during walks.

Halloween Hazards

Chocolate, candies, and decorations can pose dangers during Halloween. Secure them out of your dog's reach.

Fall Allergies

Dogs can develop allergies to seasonal changes. Watch for signs like itching and consult your vet for relief.

Daylight Changes

Shorter daylight hours can affect your dog's routine. Ensure nighttime walks are well-lit and safe.

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