Top 7 Fall Dangers for Dogs

Leaf Pile Perils

Beware of leaf piles; hidden dangers like sharp objects or small critters may lurk within, posing risks to your dog.

Mushroom Toxin Alert

Certain mushrooms can be toxic to dogs. Keep your pup away from wild mushrooms encountered during fall walks.

Antifreeze Poisoning

Antifreeze is more common in fall. Its sweet taste attracts dogs but is highly toxic. Store it securely to protect your pet.

Thanksgiving Safety

Thanksgiving leftovers can be tempting, but some foods are harmful to dogs. Keep them away from turkey bones and rich dishes.

Halloween Hazards

Chocolate, candy, and decorations can harm dogs. Keep Halloween treats and decorations out of their reach.

Flea and Tick Season

Fall is a peak season for fleas and ticks. Use preventative measures to shield your dog from these pesky parasites.

Cool Weather Comfort

As temperatures drop, ensure your dog stays warm and comfortable with suitable clothing and bedding.

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