Top 7 Coronavirus Dog Tips

Routine Matters

Maintain a consistent routine for your dog. Regular feeding, exercise, and sleep schedules provide stability during uncertain times.

Social Distancing

Practice social distancing with your dog. Keep them on a leash and maintain a safe distance from other people and pets during walks.

Home Enrichment

A stimulating environment at home. Use puzzle toys and interactive games to keep your dog mentally engaged.

Safe Walks

Take precautions during walks. Avoid crowded areas, and sanitize your dog's paws after walks to reduce the risk of virus transmission.

Stock Up on Supplies

Stock up on pet supplies, including food, medications, and essentials, to ensure you have everything your dog needs.

Telehealth Vet Visits

Consider telehealth vet visits for non-urgent matters. Consult your vet remotely to minimize in-person contact.

Emergency Plan

Have an emergency plan for your dog, including a pet-sitter or boarding options, in case you become ill.

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