Top 7 Coronavirus Dog Tips

Stay Informed

Keep up-to-date with the latest information on COVID-19 and its impact on pets. Stay informed about any changes.

Hygiene Matters

Maintain good hygiene practices when handling your dog. Wash your hands before and after interacting with them.

Regular Vet Visits

Continue regular vet visits for your dog's health check-ups and vaccinations. Don't delay essential care.

Social Distancing for Dogs

Practice social distancing with your dog. Keep them away from unfamiliar people and animals during walks.

Exercise and Play

Ensure your dog gets enough exercise and mental stimulation while respecting local restrictions and guidelines.

Safe Grooming

If you groom your dog at home, do so safely. Use proper tools and techniques to avoid accidents.

Emergency Plan

Have an emergency plan in place for your dog's care in case you become ill. Ensure someone can look after them.

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