Top 7 Cat Liver Problem Signs

Jaundice Indicators

Yellow eyes and skin can signify liver problems (jaundice). Monitor your cat for this telltale sign of potential issues.

Appetite Alarms

Sudden appetite shifts might point to liver problems. Monitor your cat's eating habits for clues about their health.

Weight Changes

Unexplained weight loss or gain could be linked to liver issues. Regular weigh-ins help you track any fluctuations.

Digestive Discomfort

Frequent vomiting and diarrhea might suggest liver problems. Consult a vet if your cat's digestion seems off.

Behavioral Shifts

Notice changes in behavior such as lethargy or aggression. These shifts could indicate underlying liver problems.

Abdominal Distress

Abdominal pain when touched could be a sign of liver trouble. Seek professional care if your cat shows discomfort.

Coat & Skin Clues

Changes in coat, excessive itching, or hair loss might imply liver issues. Regular grooming helps you spot these changes.

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