Top 7 Cat Food Label Tips

Start with Serving Size

The recommended serving size on the cat food label. Adjust portions according to your cat's age, size, and activity level.

Look for Protein Sources

Identify the primary protein sources listed first on the label. High-quality proteins like chicken or fish are ideal.

Check for Fillers

Beware of fillers like corn or soy. Opt for cat food with fewer fillers and more wholesome ingredients.

Mind the By-Products

Avoid cat foods containing vague by-products. Choose those with specified, quality by-products if included.

Complete and Balanced

Ensure the label mentions 'complete and balanced' to meet your cat's nutritional needs.

Eye on Fat Content

Check the fat content. Some fats are essential for your cat's health, but excessive fat may lead to obesity.

Watch Out for Allergens

If your cat has allergies, scrutinize the label for common allergens like wheat, dairy, or artificial additives.

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