Tips for a Smooth Road Trip with Your Dog

Have Proper ID Tags

Ensure your dog has secure collar ID and microchip in case they become lost.

Pack Dog Supplies

Bring food, bowls, leash, cleanup bags, toys, medication, first aid kit.

Prepare Dog-Friendly Stops

Map out pet-friendly lodging and outdoor rest stops where they can potty/exercise.

Secure in Car

Use a crate or restraint harness to keep your dog safe and prevent driver distractions.

Practice Car Rides

Take practice drives so they are car-trained and less likely to get carsick. Bring cleanup supplies just in case.

Pack a Dog First Aid Kit  

Include motion sickness medication, medical records, bandages, and other emergency basics.

Provide Proper ID

Your dog should have tags with your cell phone and destination address in case they get lost during the trip.

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