The Different Types of Pet-Friendly Workplaces

What is a Pet-Friendly Workplace?

A pet-friendly workplace is a company or organization that allows employees to bring their pets to work.


Pet-friendly offices: These workplaces allow employees to bring their pets to work on a regular basis.

What to Look

Types of pets allowed: Some pet-friendly workplaces only allow dogs, while others allow cats, rabbits, and other small animals.

Reduced stress 

Pets can help to reduce stress and improve morale in the workplace.

Increased productivity

Studies have shown that employees who bring their pets to work are more productive and have fewer sick days.

Improved employee engagement

Pet-friendly workplaces can help to improve employee engagement and retention.

Disruptive behavior

Some pets may not be well-behaved in the workplace, so it is important to have clear rules and expectations for pet owners.

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