Teach Your Dog to Say Please

What is "Say Please"?

"Say please" is a training technique that teaches your dog to wait patiently before getting what they want.

Why is it important to teach

It teaches your dog patience and self-control.

How to teach

There are a few different ways to teach your dog to "say please". One simple way is to use the "Nothing in Life is Free" (NILF) method. 

Start by teaching

Before you can teach your dog to "say please", you'll need to teach them a basic command, such as sit or wait. 

Hold a treat in front

Once your dog knows the basic command, hold a treat in front of their nose. As they follow the treat with their nose, slowly move it up and over their head.

When your dog sits or waits

When your dog sits or waits, say "please" and give them the treat. Repeat this process several times until your dog is consistently sitting or waiting before they get the treat.

Gradually increase the difficulty

Once your dog is consistently sitting or waiting for the treat in a quiet environment, start to gradually increase the difficulty.

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