Why Libra Gets Angry


 Libras are known for their calm and collected demeanor, but they can also get angry, just like everyone else.


Libras are very social creatures and they need to feel like they are being heard and appreciated. If they feel ignored, they can get angry and resentful.


Libras hate injustice and unfairness. They believe that everyone should be treated equally, and they will not hesitate to stand up for what they believe in.


 Libras are very good at managing stress, but when they are feeling overwhelmed, they can get angry.

Being tired

Libras are not big fans of conflict, so if they are feeling tired, they may be more likely to get angry.


Try to understand why they are angry. Once you understand why Libra is angry, you can start to address the issue. Let them cool down. Libras need time to cool down before they can have a rational conversation.


Libras are complex creatures who are capable of great anger. However, they are also capable of great love and compassion.

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