Stop Dog Begging

Set Mealtime Routine

Establish consistent feeding times. A routine helps your dog understand when to expect meals, reducing begging tendencies.

Designated Feeding Area

A specific feeding spot. Teach your pup to associate that area with mealtime, minimizing begging elsewhere.

Ignore Begging Behavior

Avoid giving in to begging. Ignoring the behavior prevents reinforcement and encourages your pup to find other activities.

Provide Distraction

Offer engaging toys or treat puzzles during meal prep. This keeps your pup occupied and less focused on begging.

Obedience Commands

Teach commands like 'sit' and 'stay.' Reinforce these commands during meals to encourage your pup's self-control.

Healthy Treat

Occasionally offer healthy treats. This prevents feelings of deprivation and makes meals satisfying for your pup.

Consistency is Key

Consistent training is essential. Over time, your pup will learn that begging doesn't yield rewards.

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