Squirrel Steals Fries from Food Delivery 

Food Delivery Left on Steps

A food delivery driver drops off an order of takeout on the front steps.

Driver Leaves Food Unattended 

The driver leaves the bag sitting there and walks away to his car.

Squirrel Spots the Food  

A squirrel scampering around spots the abandoned bag of takeout. 

Squirrel Approaches Bag Boldly

The opportunistic squirrel runs right up and hops onto the food bag.

Squirrel Digs Into the Fries

He helps himself to the customer's french fries, munching away shamelessly.

Stuffing Face with Stolen Fries

Sitting inside the bag, the squirrel greedily stuffs his face full of the stolen fries.

Running Off with the Fry Box

The cheeky squirrel grabs the fry box in his mouth and scurries off with his bounty.

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