Shelter Seeks Home for Cat with Cancer

Tabby Cat  

A Connecticut shelter introduces Minnie, an 8-year-old female tabby cat with a very sweet and affectionate personality.

Cat Diagnosed with Terminal Cancer

Sadly, Minnie was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and given just weeks left to live by veterinarians.

Shelter Gives Cat Medical Care

The shelter provides Minnie with medical care to keep her comfortable as her cancer progresses.

Plea to Find Cat's Forever Home

In Minnie's final weeks, the shelter makes an emotional public plea to find her a foster home.

Cat Deserves Love and Affection

Even with little time left, the shelter stresses Minnie deserves to experience human love and affection.

Foster This Sweet Cat

The nonprofit asks compassionate people to open their homes to Minnie so she can live out her last days cared for.

Give a Terminal Cat Comfort  

Fostering Minnie would bring great comfort to her and closure for those hoping she finds a family.

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