Rescued Maui Kitten Named Most Purrfectly

Tiny Kitten Found as Stray in Maui

A 3-month old kitten is found living on the streets as a stray in Maui, Hawaii.

Kitten Brought to Local Shelter

The fragile kitten is taken to a nearby animal shelter to be cared for. 

Shelter Workers Fall for Kitten

The staff at the shelter completely fall in love with the sweet rescued feline.

Time to Give the Kitten a Name

The workers now face the very important task of choosing the perfect name for her.

Selecting a Hawaiian Name

They decide to give her a beautiful Hawaiian name reflecting her origins

Princess Nalu

The shelter announces the kitten's new name is Princess Nalu, meaning "wave" in Hawaiian.

Princess Nalu the Purrfect Fit  

The lyrical Hawaiian name Princess Nalu seems so fitting for the Maui stray.

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