Reasons for Dog Rectal Exams

Rectal exam

A rectal exam is a medical procedure that involves examining the rectum and anus of a dog. It is usually performed by a veterinarian.


Some breeds, such as boxers and bulldogs, are more prone to rectal problems than others.


Older dogs are more likely to develop rectal problems than younger dogs.


 If your dog is showing any symptoms of a rectal problem, such as pain, bleeding, or discharge, your veterinarian may recommend a rectal exam.


A rectal exam is usually a quick and painless procedure. Your veterinarian will gently insert a lubricated finger into your dog's rectum to examine the tissues.


 There is no special preparation needed for a rectal exam. However, you should brush your dog's teeth and clip their nails before the appointment.


Rectal exams are an important part of preventive care for dogs. If your veterinarian recommends a rectal exam for your dog, be sure to schedule an appointment.

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