Rabbit Begs for Nutter Butter Cookie

Owner Eats Nutter Butter Cookie

A man sits down to enjoy a delicious peanut-shaped Nutter Butter cookie.

Rabbit Spots Man's Cookie  

The man's pet rabbit spots him eating the scrumptious cookie and wants it.

Rabbit Tries Jumping Up  

The hungry rabbit tries repeatedly jumping up to reach the Nutter Butter. 

Begging for a Taste  

When jumping fails, the rabbit resorts to pitifully begging his owner for a bite.

Following Owner's Every Bite  

Intently following his owner's hand, the rabbit waits for the perfect cookie-stealing moment.

Attempting a Sneak Attack   

At one point, the sly rabbit tries sneakily nibbling the Nutter Butter from behind.

Giving the Puppy Dog Eyes  

Sadly gazing at the man with puppy dog eyes, the rabbit pleads for the treat.

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