Publix Supermarkets Ban Dogs

No Dogs Allowed

Publix supermarkets recently started prohibiting shoppers from bringing dogs inside stores, upsetting some customers.

Safety and Health Concerns  

Publix cited food safety, hygiene, and tripping hazards as reasons for the strict no dogs rule.

Service Dogs Welcome

However, Publix made clear guide, hearing, and service dogs that assist people with disabilities remain allowed per ADA laws.

Accommodating Service Animals  

Service dogs must be unleashed and under control. Staff may only ask if it is a service animal required for a disability.

Legitimate Service Dogs Only

Customers can't just claim pets as service animals. Standards ensure accredited service dogs access.

Other Pet-Friendly Stores  

While service dogs have access at Publix, pet owners can shop with dogs at some retailers like Home Depot, Lowe's, Bass Pro Shops.

Focus on Safety

The no dogs policy aims to keep Publix stores clean for food shopping. Service dogs are trained to behaved hygienically indoors.  

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