Protecting Pets During Domestic Violence

 Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is any pattern of abusive behavior in a domestic relationship. It can include physical, emotional, or sexual abuse.


Pets are often targets of abuse in domestic violence situations. They may be physically harmed, neglected, or used as a way to control their owners.


 There are a number of things you can do to protect your pet during domestic violence:Have a plan for your pet if you need to leave your home.


There are a number of places where you may be able to find a safe place for your pet to stay if you need to leave your home:Pet shelters: Many pet shelters offer temporary housing for pets of domestic violence survivors.


 Domestic violence is a serious problem, but you are not alone. There are people who can help you. If you are experiencing domestic violence, please reach out for help.


If you are leaving an abusive relationship, take your pet with you if possible. If you cannot take your pet, make a plan for their safety.


Talk to your veterinarian or a domestic violence shelter about how to keep your pet safe. Consider safe places for your pet to stay, such as with a friend, family member, or pet-friendly shelter.

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