Protecting Dog Paws in Winter

Winter Paw Care

Discover essential tips to protect your dog's paws during winter. Cold weather can be harsh on paws, but you can take steps to keep them safe.

Moisturize Paw Pads

Cold weather can lead to dry and cracked paw pads. Use pet-safe moisturizers to keep them hydrated and prevent discomfort.

Bootie Protection

Consider using dog booties to shield paws from cold surfaces, ice, and salt. Choose well-fitting, durable options for maximum comfort.

Paw Inspection

Regularly inspect your dog's paws for cuts, cracks, or foreign objects. Quick attention can prevent infections and other issues.

Salt and Chemicals

Avoid walking your dog on salted sidewalks and roads. These chemicals can irritate paws. Wash paws after walks to remove any residue.

Warm Bedding

Provide warm and comfortable bedding indoors. This helps your dog rest and recover from exposure to the cold.

Trim Paw Hair

Trim excess hair between paw pads. Long hair can accumulate ice and snow, leading to discomfort and potential injuries.

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