Pet Rat Behaviors and What They Mean

Pet Rat Behaviors

Pet rats are known for their intelligence and social nature. 


Rats spend a lot of time grooming themselves and each other. Grooming is a way for rats to stay clean and to bond with each other.


Rats love to play! They enjoy playing with each other, with their toys, and with their owners. Play is a way for rats to get exercise and to socialize.


Rats are social animals and enjoy cuddling with their owners. Cuddling is a way for rats to show affection and to bond with their owners.


Bruxing is a grinding sound that rats make with their teeth. It is often a sign that a rat is happy and content.

Popcorn hopping

Popcorn hopping is a series of small, rapid hops that rats do. It is often a sign that a rat is excited or playful.


Rats may nip their owners for a variety of reasons, such as to get attention, to play, or to show aggression. It is important to train your rat not to nip.

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