Pedialyte for Dogs: Safe or Not?

Small amounts may be safe

In small amounts, Pedialyte may be safe for dogs with mild dehydration or electrolyte imbalances

High sodium content

However, Pedialyte is formulated for humans, not dogs. It contains a high level of sodium, which can be harmful to dogs in large amounts.

Sugar content

Pedialyte also contains sugar, which can be harmful to diabetic dogs or dogs with other health conditions.

Talk to your vet

If you're considering giving your dog Pedialyte, it's best to talk to your veterinarian first. They can help you determine if it's safe for your dog and how much to give.

Other options

Oral electrolyte solutions made specifically for dogs

Signs of dehydration

If you think your dog may be dehydrated, look for the following signs: Dry gums, Lack of urination, Lethargy, etc.

When to see a vet

If you're concerned about your dog's dehydration, see a veterinarian right away. Dehydration can be serious, especially in puppies and senior dogs.

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