Maternal Behavior Problems in Female Dogs

What is maternal behavior?

Maternal behavior is the set of behaviors that a female dog exhibits when she is pregnant, giving birth, and caring for her puppies.


There are many different types of maternal behavior problems, including: Lack of maternal instinct, Excessive maternal instinct, Rejection of puppies, etc.

Causes of maternal behavior 

The causes of maternal behavior problems can vary,

Dog is experiencing

If your dog is experiencing a maternal behavior problem, the first thing you should do is consult with your veterinarian.

Lack of maternal instinct

If your dog is showing no interest in her puppies, you can try to encourage her to mother them by providing a quiet

Excessive maternal instinct

If your dog is being overly protective of her puppies, you can try to gradually introduce her to other people and animals. 

Rejection of puppies

If your dog is rejecting her puppies, you can try to hand-raise them. This means bottle-feeding them and providing them with warmth and attention.

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