Is Your Dog Keeping You Up at Night?

Is Your Dog Keeping You Up 

If your dog is keeping you up at night, you're not alone. Many dogs wake up their owners at night for a variety of reasons.

To go to the bathroom

Dogs need to go to the bathroom more often than humans, especially puppies. 


Dogs need mental and physical stimulation during the day. If your dog is bored, they may wake you up at night to play or get attention.

Anxiety or fear

Dogs can experience anxiety and fear for a variety of reasons, such as thunderstorms, separation anxiety, or being left alone in the dark. 

Medical problems

Some medical conditions, such as pain or arthritis, can cause dogs to wake up at night.

How to Prevent

Make sure your dog goes to the bathroom before bed: Take your dog for a walk or give them a chance to go potty before you go to bed.

What to Do If Your Dog 

If your dog wakes you up at night, it's important to stay calm and quiet. Don't give your dog any attention, as this will only reinforce their behavior. 

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