Introducing New Dog to Resident Dog

Neutral Ground

Opt for a neutral location. Prevent territorial behavior by introducing dogs on neutral territory before bringing them home.

Leash Control

Maintain control with leashed introductions. Allow dogs to approach at their pace, ensuring a calm and non-threatening meeting.

Positive Associations

Use positive reinforcement during introductions. Reward calm behavior and interactions with treats and praise for a positive experience.

Body Language

Read body language cues. Understand signs of comfort and discomfort in dogs to gauge their reactions during the introduction process.

Supervised Bonding

Facilitate supervised bonding. Let dogs spend supervised time together, gradually increasing interaction as they become more comfortable.

Respect Space

Allow personal space. Ensure each dog has separate areas to retreat to, reducing potential stress and promoting harmonious coexistence.

Patience Wins

Practice patience. The introduction process may take time; allow dogs to adjust at their pace while fostering a positive relationship.

How to Read Your Dog’s Body Language